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Team Building Activites In Singapore & Overseas

  • Triple Scoop

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    Triple Scoop is a fun-filled and competitive program that requires teams to develop a brand new ice cream flavor by employing their newly acquired skills. The history of the Ice cream truck dates back centuries and, so, the teams will not only prepare their ice cream creation but will also construct and decorate their own ice-cream truck, with their own brand name and logo.

  • Giant Board Games

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    Board games are BACK! Are you game enough? Investment! Conquer! Mind Teasers! We’ve got all you need for that mental stimulation. Walk your way through the giant board to collect money and points.

  • Tap & Go!

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    Tap & Go challenges the team to create an intricate set of reactions using limited resources within the limited time given. This unique program effectively demonstrates the power of collaboration and the risks of pressure associated with working in large groups. With the final goal of a spectacular cascading series of reactions, teams have to design individual components with cause and effect in mind.

  • Ubin Trail

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    Ubin Trail offers your team character-building by roughing it out in one of the only Kampong left in Singapore. Pulau Ubin has a variety of routes for different preferences such as off-roads and tarmac roads. The option is yours where your team can choose to navigate either by foot or bicycle, while enjoying the exhilarating process of solving clues and going through series of challenges.

  • Dragon Beat

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    Dragon Beat is an entertaining and competitive activity that will get your team to work together in order to achieve the objective. Each of the specially designed dragon boats holds up to 10 people, including the drummer, who controls the rhythm of the rowing. Follow the beat, coordinate the strokes and see the result!

  • Uncle Rickshaw

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    Uncle Rickshaw enables you to experience one of the old modes of  transport with Uncle Rickshaw. Each team has to design and fabricate​ a rickshaw, using the materials given​. They will have to plan carefully and work as one if they are to succeed in reaching their goal of winning the final race.

  • Target!

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    Be on a mission to grab the flags off your enemies’ ground. Defend your territory. Strategize your move and activate your army. This fun filled, ‘nerf wreaking’ activity will lead you to think on your feet!

  • Wayang Puppet

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    Wayang Puppet is an exciting program to challenge the communication skills and collaboration within your team. With creativity and innovation, teams will create an oversized puppet to perform seemingly simple human movements. Wayang Puppet requires the team to analyse the project requirements and organise the execution effectively and productively to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Sky’s The Limit

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    Sky’s The Limit is a​n outdoor​ program ​where​ team​s​ will learn the art of kite making and ​kite ​flying. Unleash your team’s creativity and skills​.​ ​Together​,​ they will experience something different from their day to day work ​and​ have fun in the open fields.

  • Back To School

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    School is back! Put on your uniforms and get ready for some old playtime. Choose from a range of childhood activities – hopscotch, zero point, five stones, marbles, cat’s cradle and more. Hop on your school bus and let’s get the entire team to have fun!

  • Mega Beats

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    Drumming to One Beat is an unique musical experience for corporate teambuilding. Learning a new skill and then coordinating it together with the team is a different means of communication within the team. This allows you to get to know your colleagues in an environment different from the office - relaxed & full of fun.

  • Bridging Link

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    Bridging Link will challenge your mental and physical skills as you need to build a segment of a bridge and then link it together with the other segments from the other teams.

  • Missing Masterpiece

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    Creativity is something that we tend to recognize in certain people who seem to have the ability to come up with great ideas or interesting ways of getting their message across. However, the truth is that we are ALL creative in our own ways. Creativity is not something you are, it is something you DO. Feel the satisfaction of creating something special, using colors and strokes to unveil a new talent within you.

  • Master Chef

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    This team effort is about organising your members to source the best ingredients to deliver the most sumptuous meal possible. Creativity, innovation, teamwork and planning are crucial in ensuring a successful outcome for the team. Have fun while preparing your favourite meal!

  • The Maze

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    The Maze is a problem solving obstacle challenge that highlights the importance of each individual’s contribution within the team to achieve a common goal. The team’s success in Phase 1 shall determine the ingredients they have for Phase 2!

  • Grand Prix

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    Teams have to construct a championship race car to win the F1 race! Everyone needs to contribute so that the team can succeed with very limited time and resources for the planning, designing and construction of the race car.

  • Pirate Quest

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    Teams of 8 – 12 pirates compete for the Lost Treasure! Teams have to compete in a series of challenges to compete for clues to get their hands on the secret map which holds the key to the much sought after treasure. To win this game, their goal will be to survive the world of piracy and be the richest team.

  • Survivor Challenge

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    A fun and interactive program with role playing. Stranded on an isolated island, teams have to defend themselves and attack others to survive. Teams have to overcome challenges for food & water. Natural calamities and wild animals will also be obstacles for them!

  • The Mission

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    Each team is given a Mission booklet containing their tasks and challenges. Teams must navigate around the city for their urban challenge or through the island using a map. For extra points, teams have to take photographs of specific subjects and local landmarks with a digital camera. Teams must select the challenges and the most efficient route to gain maximum points.

  • Sports Fest

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    Sports Fest activities are a combination of participation, fun and skills. Each activity is challenging and caters to all ages and gender.