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About Prime Travel & Tour

Prime Travel is the choice partner of a number of leading major organizations based in Singapore. We deliver unparalleled travel related management service while at the same time, unlock the economic value of such services.


Your most trusted Travel Company


To deliver superior service while creating values for our customers and achieve sustainable growth



We take pride in what we do and strive for excellence


We absorb any setbacks as learning opportunity


We take ownership in our role with sincerity and honesty

Mutuality & Teamwork

We work as a team with mutual care and respect


We are empowered to take initiative to satisfy customers’ needs

Awards & Accolades - Prime Travel & Tour celebrates the achievement of our Chairman, Mr Ven K. Nishimura for being awarded the coveted APEA’s “Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2013” – an award honouring the few exemplary and ourstanding business leaders.


Mr Nishimura is an exceptional visionary. He is constantly driven by mission and purpose to push himself out of his comfort zone, despite obstacles and challenges. Embracing change, he has an unstoppable passion that drives him to succeed and always seeks to exceed the expectation of his customers and employees. He continually encourages his team as well as those around him to strive for greater heights and never give up in the face of adversity.

When Ven Nishimura (or Ven-san), 69, Managing Director of Prime Travel & Tour Pte Ltd, talks about his company and his achievements, he seems like a 21 year-old. Enthusiastic and full of ideas and aspirations for the travel industry, it is hard to keep up as to what his mind is racing to do next. Hailing from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, made history with Singapore Airlines in his earlier years when he was the first to initiate direct flights between Singapore and Tokyo. Brimming with determination to increase passenger traffic from Singapore to Japan, he started Prime Travel & Tour Pte Ltd in 1979. He worked hard to establish his company as the foremost expert on travel to Japan to stimulate and promote tourism to Japan. Soon, his accomplishments were recognised and he became a roving ambassador for the island of Hokkaido and a frequent speaker on travel industry circuit.

When it comes to work, Ven-san commands loyalty by giving loyalty. A recent survey marveled that 75% of the staff has been with the company or 5 years or more. But he questions whether he needs to challenge his staff to strive for better remarking “perhaps, they are too comfortable!”. Clearly, he wants his staff to share his work ethos and to be the best that one can be.

This philosophical nature of Ven-san, permeates all aspects of his daily life and it is infectious. To him, the goal of life is to be able to contribute “perfectly” to society. And by “perfectly”, he means that perfection is an illusion that we create for ourselves – it does not exist in reality, but is a theoretical end goal. It is the desire to attain perfection that constantly drives us to unknown areas and pushes us beyond the limitation that we subconsciously set for ourselves. He quizzes “You need to ask yourself, ‘Did you live?,’ if the answer is ‘No’, then you are not done yet.”

As for the continuity of the company, Ven-san understand that people come and go, but what remains are the values that transcend boundaries; and which need to be communicated to all who works with him. He frequently reminds that one needs to consider different opinions and perspectives, “if you are a circle and I am a square and we use a straight ruler to measure our worth, you are only going to see one of my three sides and I am only going to see a single point of your entire circumference. You know what we need? We need some string.”