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Corporate Travel Singapore

Prime Travel employs universal proven approach to Corporate Travel  management (Singapore). We believe every organization’s needs are unique. Our consultative and proactive approach enabled us to understand and deliver solutions best-suited to each organization’s requirements.

Holistic travel management – What we do

Prime Travel’s adaptation of a holistic approach to business travel management.

Reservation & Planning

Prime Travel understand that each organization has its own unique needs. We will examine and analyze these needs to bring about a process, streamlined with a higher degree of convenience and personalization.

To provide our clients with the best possible Corporate Travel  services (in Singapore), we would also adopt a flexible and adaptive approach toward deployment of new travel related technologies, based on each client’s unique requirement and readiness.

Passport and Visa

In most cases, Prime Travel can help your business travellers to apply for the necessary visa as required by individual country. Visa application requirements changes as and when the political situation of the domestic and destination countries changed. Prime Travel always keeps ourselves abreast of such changes so that we are able to provide our valued clients with the most up-to-date information.

Knowing that the travel plans of the travellers might change at a moment’s notice, Prime Travel always advice travellers to apply for the shortest possible approval timeframe if available.

Delivery / Collection Services

Complimentary delivery/collection of travel documents are provided by Prime Travel during office hours for our valued clients. To ensure that all documents are delivered and/or collected well within the operating hours of our clients’ organizations.

Delivery services other than during office hours might incur an additional charge. Charges will be reasonable and will be advised when the needs arise. 

Preferential Personal Travel Rates

As a valued client of Prime Travel, the general population of the organization can expect and will be accorded special preferential rates for their leisure travels. Prime Travel will help to source and secure the best deals available through our wide network of alliances and partners. We only charge a nominal service fee per transaction for personal leisure travel.

Management Information Report (MIS REPORT)

Management Information reports enable our clients to track the travel expenditures of their organization. Through careful analysis of these report, organizations would be in a better position to better manage their or even lower their organization’s travel expenditures. The type of reports includes:

  1. Monthly Division Analysis Report
  2. Monthly Top 10 Destinations Report
  3. Monthly Top 10 Airlines Report

Risk Management

The ever changing political situation of the world at large and the environmental risks poses a continuous risk to the security and health of the business travelers. Prime Travel will constantly keep our valued clients updated with the latest alerts or advises from International SOS to assist them in their decision on their travel plans

Emergency Services

We understand the needs of the business travelers. Changes of plans and emergencies could be at a moment’s notice in today’s ever changing business environment.

Prime Travel gives you the confidence of knowing that your after-office hour’s emergency travel request will be handled in a very efficient manner. We have experienced staffs on duty to handle after-office hour’s emergency request 7 days of the week.

VIP Services

Experienced and highly trained personnel will be assigned to handle all reservations. In addition, VIP Travelers will also receive:

  • 24/7 reservation assistances
  • “Meet & Greet” services if required

Other services

  • Hotel Reservation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car transfer

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about Corporate Travel in Singapore or would like to make a booking, you can contact us in the following ways:

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