Team Building Activites In Singapore & Overseas


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    One activity of our Team Building Services is the Grand Prix programme. Teams will have to construct a championship race car to win the F1 race! Everyone needs to contribute so that you can succeed with very limited time and resources for the planning, designing and construction of the race car.

  • Master Chefs

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    This mission is about organizing your team to source the best ingredients to deliver the most sumptuous meal possible. Creativity, innovation, teamwork and planning are crucial in ensuring a successful outcome for the team. Have fun while preparing your favourite meal!

  • Mega Beats

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    Drumming to One Beat is a musical experience for corporate teambuilding. Learning a new skill and then coordinating it together with the team is a different means of communication within the team. Get to know your colleagues in an environment different from the office - relaxed & full of fun.

  • Survival

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    A fun and interactive program with role playing. Stranded on an isolated island they defend themselves and attack others to survive. Teams will be given an Identity and will overcome challenges for food & water. Natural calamities and wild animals will also be obstacles for them!

  • Missing Master Piece

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    Creativity is something that we tend to recognize in certain people who seem to have an ability to come up with great ideas or interesting ways of getting their message across. However the truth is that we are ALL creative in different ways. Creativity is not something you are : it is something you DO. Feel the pleasure of creating in color, unveil new aspects and talents within you, unlock creativity keys and discover the unknown sides of your friends and colleagues.

  • The Maze

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    The Maze is a problem solving obstacle challenge that highlights the importance of each individual contributions in a team to achieve a common goal.

  • Mini Boot

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    Mini Boot Camp is a fun military themed adventure that is sure to get your troops into tip top shape. Business groups are divided into different platoon. Then the team building maneuvers begin where they are on a survival mission! Our quality control officers (Drill Sergeants) will gently guide / push the troops through a series of challenges involving intellectual, physical, and social scenarios.

  • MTV

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    Creative and interactive workshops conducted by trainers/ facilitators to provide communication, verbal and non-verbal, inter-personal tools and skills aiming at solving group tensions and encouraging communication and team bonding. New Fun approaches to creative communication, working in teams, handling stress and ensuring information and emotions flow. Each workshop is fun and enjoyable under the supervision of our selected trainers / facilitators.

  • Asian Quest

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    A challenging city hunt (to improve team building  activities), which will lead you to Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street through a series of clues and mysterious encounters. This is a great opportunity to experience the mix of diverse ancient cultures that make up modern Singapore. At some stations, you will collect points by gathering information and memorabilia, at others you will have small challenges to perform.

  • Mission

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    Each team is given a Mission booklet containing their task and challenges. Teams must navigate around the city on their urban challenge or through the island using a map. For extra points teams take photographs of specific subjects and local landmarks with a digital camera. To develop planning and decision making in your team, we always set many clues and tasks for the time available. Teams must select the challenges and the most efficient route to gain optimum points. Heavy penalties are handed out for late arrival back at base and for the team splitting up so the winning team will have shown flexibility as well as good planning in order to meet the deadlines.

  • Sports Fest

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    Sports Fest activities are high in participation, combining fun with an element of skills. Each activity is challenging and caters to all corporate groups. The Sports News segment, strongly reinforces the creativity and team work as teams, armed with laptops and digital cameras, have to publish a unique, attention-grabbing and eye-catching Video Clip of their performance. Like the professionals, each news teams must cover the entire sports fest activities and find vital factual information to substantiate their video report.

  • Chain Effect

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    Chain Effect challenges a team to create an intricate set of reactions using limited resources within the limited time given. This unique program effectively demonstrates the power of cooperation and the risks of pressure associated with working in large groups. With the final goal of a spectacular cascading series of reactions, teams will need to design individual components with cause and effect in mind. The first team's chain triggers the next team's creation and the stage becomes set for a grand finale in the form of a gigantic cascading Chain Effect.

  • Rescue Mission

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    This challenge will help the staff practice their collaborative skills and learn how to determine when it is time for competition and when it is time to share or gather information from team members. This highly competitive and fun program will have the added benefit of developing positive team morale and enhance communication abilities of the group.

  • Prata Workz

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    The prata has always been known as Paratha in the Indian subcontinent while it is usually known as roti prata in other countries. Together with your colleagues learn how to make prata and also the famous teh tarik ...

  • Bridging Link

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    Bridging Link will challenge your mind and skills as you will need to build a bridge according to the specification given. While it may look easy, this is no easy task. Each team will be given materials to build a bridge of at least 1 meter high. Teams will be given different measurements & specifications on the bridge they need to build. Finally, teams will have to combine their construction into a complete race track. They will have to plan carefully and work as one if they are to succeed in reaching their goal. The challenge concludes with a remote control car race on the bridge. This is a fun experience that brings out the best in your organizations and encourages ingenuity, co-operation and good-natured competitiveness

  • Vogue Academy

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    Find out how to transform something from the ordinary to the extraordinary, by adding some magic! Vogue academy requires participants to express their creativity by fabricating something from nothing. Your fashion on the catwalk must impress the panel of judges.

  • Running Man

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    Running Man is inspired by a Korean variety show where teams compete against each other to accomplish missions in order to win the race. Teams would be overcoming challenging missions testing their creativity and physical abilities. It encourages members to collaborate and co-operate to win together. During each challenge, the winning team will be awarded with points. The first team to complete all challenges and collect the most points, will be the winner!

  • Past Blaster

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    Past Blaster enable you to experience the olden transportation during the Romans. Each team has to pull together the materials given into human carriage with cardboard and human-power working in harmony. They will have to plan carefully and work as one if they are to succeed in reaching their goal.

  • Triple Scoop

    Triple Scoop is a fun-filled and competitive program that requires teams to develop a brand new ice cream flavor by employing their newly acquired skills. The history of the Ice cream truck dates back centuries and, so, the teams will not only prepare their ice cream creation but will also construct and decorate their own ice-cream truck, with their own brand name and logo..

  • Pirate Quest

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    One of the popular activity for Team Building is the Pirate Quest activity. This activity is very popular with companies in Singapore. Teams of 8 – 12 pirates compete for the Lost Treasure! Teams have to compete in a series of challenges to compete for clues to get their hands on the secret map which holds the key to the much sought after treasure. Are you up for the challenge?