Say goodbye to expensive roaming charges with FlexiRoam, the smartest roaming solutions for travellers! With FlexiRoam, you can use your number abroad without incurring costly telephone bills and data charges. Enjoy unlimited roaming call from as low as S$5 per day!

What is FlexiRoam?

FlexiRoam is a prepaid international mobile roaming service that allows you to stay connected to home while traveling overseas. With FlexiRoam, you can travel without fear of expensive roaming bills when you return.

What's more?

You get to retain your current local mobile number while travelling!

FlexiRoam is ideal if you:

1. Need to make & receive calls while travelling

2. Wish to save on your mobile roaming bill

3. Want to use your current local mobile number
    while travelling

How it works?

You will need a FlexiRoam Roaming pass for the duration of your travel. You will also need to purchase an overseas SIM when you arrive at your destination and an active mobile phone line from your home country with call forwarding functionality.

1. Connect your number to the FlexiRoam gateway:

First, you forward your calls to FlexiRoam with your home country SIM. Detailed instructions on how to do this will be available to you once you purchase a pass.

2. Switch to an overseas local SIM card when you arrive & send text:

Send FlexiRoam a text so that we can direct all your calls to this phone. When you receive a call on your mobile, it will ring the overseas number. This way you do not get charged for roaming at all. Only local charges apply.

3. Make & receive unlimited calls while overseas:

Once connected, you will be able to make and receive unlimited calls to and from home.

Want to know more

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